The Philippines is a culturally and linguistically diverse country, which adds so much color to life here. It is an archipelago of 7107 islands that suffers terrible disasters on a regular basis. Internal armed conflict involving various rebel groups and crippling corruption are further aspects that call for intense prayer.

Religion in its various forms is an integral part of the fabric of Philippine society.  God is at work within every sector of society as people of all ages, classes and beliefs are discovering an intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ that goes way beyond religion.  Will you join us in one of the ways listed below?

   •    Go: Many should go on a short-term trip and some are led to return for long-term service.
    •    Send: How can you partner with missionaries through your encouragement, practical help, sacrificial giving, and commitment to the vision?
    •    Pray: We believe God responds when we express our dependence on Him in prayer.
    •    Welcome: Have you ever considered reaching out to international students and recent immigrants in your community?
    •    Mobilize: God may be calling you to share the vision with other Christians that need to know about the needs in cross-cultural work.
    •    Learn: Prepare yourself to be ready to respond to the next opportunity God puts in front of you.