Adventurous Photographer, Videographer and Writer

Opportunity Image: Adventurous Photographer, Videographer and Writer

We are looking for skilled media experts: photographers, videographers and writers.

Currently unavailable due to Covid-19 related travel restrictions

Media and Technology, Research / Ethnography, Mobilization
2-6 weeks, 6 weeks to 6 months
Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand

Job Description

Candidates will travel to our various teams in South East Asia with the intention of producing media materials that can be used to mobilise prayer, resources and people to join the work in SE Asia.


• Traveling by local transport (bus, mini-bus and motorbike)
• Walking or cycling in cities and villages
• Sensitively taking pictures and videos of people and places
• Praying for the people and places visited
• Keeping a diary of experiences


• Good proficiency and skill in your field
• Ability to adapt to different cultures and a willingness to adjust your dress and lifestyle to the local context

Living Situations

• Have a strong relationship with God and trust in His protection
• Healthy and in good physical condition
• Used to and willing to take initiative
• Flexible and able to adjust to unexpected circumstances


IndonesiaIf God has given you a heart for the peoples of East Asia, you can be part of God's purposes for them in different practical ways, even in your home country.
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MalaysiaThis country needs people with creativity to reach out to non-believers, and people with a calling for discipleship training to strengthen and encourage believers.More opportunities


ThailandLess than one percent of the 65 million people in Thailand follow Jesus despite over 170 years of evangelism.More opportunities

Media and Technology

Media and TechnologyAdvance God’s Kingdom by using your gifts and abilities in media and technology to serve God’s people in mission.

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Research / Ethnography

Research / EthnographyAdvance God’s Kingdom by serving God’s people in mission with your gifts and abilities in research and ethnography.

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MobilizationInform, inspire and influence God’s people to get involved in missions.More opportunities