Diaspora Ministries Field worker with the Japanese based in Germany.

Opportunity Image: Diaspora Ministries Field worker with the Japanese based in Germany.

We are looking for Diaspora Ministries Field workers to reach out to and disciple the Japanese Diaspora people living in Germany.

More than 3 years

Job Description

There are over 37.000 Japanese registered as living in Germany and tens of thousands of Japanese
visit Germany each year on tourist visas.. Many are looking for friendships and are curious about the
country they are staying in. They are also generally much more open to consider Christianity when
they are outside their homeland.

The OMF focus is on reaching the strategic group of those living temporarily overseas. In Germany this includes:
Students: language; classical music; researchers
Business people & their families: often transferred to Germany for 3-4 years
People on Working Holiday Visas Japanese aged 18-30 receive a one year visa.
Sports players: Professionals and Semi-professionals
Tourists 60.000 Japanese visit Germany each year
OMF’s vision is to bring the gospel to these Japanese living temporarily in Germany and prepare them to return to Japan where they will make an impact for Christ, contributing to the larger mission and vision of OMF— “to see indigenous mission movements and an indigenous biblical church planting
movement in each of the people groups of East Asia”. In particular locations there are many opportunities to meet, befriend and bring Christ’s love to such Japanese.


As part of one of our Diaspora Ministries teams, you could be involved in:
Evangelism and discipleship in the form of:
-Leading Bible studies
-Leading small groups
-One on one relationship building
- offering conversation practice if the host language is your mother tongue
-Large outreach events
-Setting up returnee groups to prepare students for their return home and model Church in their home country
-Showing hospitality
-conversation practice if the host language is your mother tongue
-Helping with adjusting to life in Germany
You may also be involved in offering training for groups/ churches/ organizations who are working with Japanese. This may include:
-Supporting and equipping local Christians in their own outreach to Japanese
-Directing them to good literature
-Offering advice
-Helping in their relationships with Japanese - perhaps with communication in the mother tongue where necessary


We are distinct from the other organizations who reach out to Internationals in that our field members specialize in the language and culture of the people group to whom God has called them. To be a field member you would need to be willing to learn the Japanese language and be willing to gain experience of living in Japan.
This would involve going to live in Japan for at least two years.
If you are already proficient in Japanese but would be relocating to be based in Germany then you may find yourself living and working in a third culture and then you would need time to adjust to it yourself.
You will need:
-A good level of English in order to help the Japanese folk visiting Germany and also to function as part of our team
- willingness to learn the local language
- Perseverance
- Flexibility and acceptance that you may have a constantly changing group to whom you are reaching out. (This is due to the returnee focus of our ministry mentioned above)
- A pioneering spirit to be able to reach out to and disciple students/scholars and to perhaps start a new work in cities where none exists
- It may be necessary to work in a virtual team if no other team members are in your location.
- To be happy to work cooperatively with other missionaries, other mission organizations and possibly with local ethnic Churches.

Living Situations


GermanyIf God has given you a heart for the peoples of East Asia, you can be part of God's purposes for them in different practical ways, even in your home country.
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