Doctor in HIV or Infectious Diseases

Opportunity Image: Doctor in HIV or Infectious Diseases

Bring peace and hope to people in the midst of suffering and rejection

Medical Work, Social Issues, Rural, Followers of Chinese Traditional Religions, Poor
1 to 3 years, More than 3 years

Job Description

Our teams are dedicated to serving the holistic needs of hard-to-reach peoples. Committed Christian professionals share Christ’s love through the witness of their lives, partnering with local agencies to modernize and improve the economic and social status of poor and disadvantaged communities.

Minister and serve incarnationally among patients and colleagues in a place where there is little hope regarding their sickness. Your presence and life will bring them peace and eternal hope through your work.

Although medical institutions are now relatively well equipped in our service areas, the staff desire to improve their knowledge, skills, and patient care. As a medical professional, your experience will be invaluable in the training of local doctors and other medical staff.

In living out your life among colleagues and patients, you will have unique opportunities to establish and build relationships of eternal value. Medical workers can make valuable contributions in provincial or county level hospitals. Relationships with local practitioners and patient interaction provide the opportunities for your light to shine. The work ethic and attitude you bring to the hospital allows others to see what a difference Christ makes.

We need teammates who have a heart for the poor and who are committed and cooperative.


1. Give support to the HIV Center in treatment, counseling, and follow up of HIV patients.
2. Train local staff at HIV Center.


1. Licensed Doctor
2. Training and Experience in HIV /infectiousd diseases
3. Ability to speak and read Mandarin (training provided for those commiting to a longer service term)

Living Situations

Living standards in this county town are simple and basic, but the town is culturally rich.
Housing will likely be in a hostel or a rented apartment.

Medical Work

Medical WorkProvide healthcare services as a means to serve people, engage and build relationships with communities, and point them to the great Healer our Lord.More opportunities

Social Issues

Social IssuesMany people find themselves trapped in inescapable situations. We work to bring hope as we share the gospel.More opportunities



Residents in rural areas are often trapped in the poverty cycle. They have limited opportunities for education, poor access to healthcare and livelihoods that are often dependent on the harvest of their cash crops.

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Followers of Chinese Traditional Religions

Followers of Chinese Traditional ReligionsMany East Asians practice a complex, syncretistic blend of Buddhism with traditional folk beliefs steeped in Taoism, Ancestor Worship and Confucianism.
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PoorSpiritual and physical transformation found in the love of Christ is especially needed even amongst these least reached who live on and below the poverty line.
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