Media Coordinator for SE Asia

Opportunity Image: Media Coordinator for SE Asia

Coordinate Media to Mobilize Prayer and Resources for Outreach in Southeast Asia. Make a difference for eternity by using your media, graphic design and/or communication skills to mobilize prayer, workers and other essential resources for the Lord's work.

Professionals, Administration, Media and Technology
More than 3 years, 1 to 3 years
Indonesia, Thailand

Job Description

Most of our neighbors have never met a follower of Jesus. They follow a ritual and works based worldview, with an absence of an assurance of salvation.

You will contribute to the vision and mission of the team by mobilizing workers, prayer and resources for those outside the reach of the Good News in SE Asia. You will be involved in work and prayer in order to help our focus People Groups to better understand what Jesus has done for them.

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2/5ths of Southeast Asians are Muslims. Islam is predominant in the southern half of the Malay Peninsula and the Malay Archipelago (which includes Indonesia).

- The minimum commitment is 2 years.
- For a person who has both communications & graphic design skills this
is a full time position (40 hrs per week).
- For a person with only communication skills then a half time position
(20 hrs per week).


1. Responsible for the overall branding and production of public field media materials. Security procedures must be followed.
2. Ensures that the website is kept current at all times.
a. If the field Media Coordinator has the skills, this task could be performed by them. If not then the job can be outsourced to someone from inside or outside the field to take on this responsibility.
b. Email field teams with regular reminders for updated prayer requests and stories to be added to the website.
3. Work with a graphic designer to produce brochures & powerpoint presentations to be used for mobilization purposes.
4. Work with OMF International Media to have our field and other OMF branded videos produced on ministry to our focus peoples.
5. Work with OMF International Media to ensure that there are sufficient photos available that can be used for mobilization. Organize any trips that a photographer would make to the field.
6. Work with the field teams to help them produce People Group or Mobilization team specific media resources. This could include things like people group profiles, prayer guides for Southeast Asian Christians to be mobilized for region-wide outreach, etc.
7. Coordinate production of prayer guides together with the prayer focused group
8. Ensure that we have adequate media materials for our workers going on Home assignment.
9. Where possible, help people to prepare their media materials for Home assignment.
10. Work with OMF Homesides on specific initiatives related to ministry among our focus peoples.
11. Work with OMF International media and OMF homesides to ensure that proper branding is happening for ministry to our focus peoples.
12. Ensure that media communication guidelines are being followed.


1. Qualifications and / or experience in communications or marketing.
2. Project management skills – ability to coordinate projects via email, intranet and internet phone.
3. A passion for mobilization and seeing people join the work among our focus peoples in Southeast Asia
4. Creativity
5. Patience to work with people with varying ideas
6. If possible, but not essential, creative writing skills

- For the full time position, Graphic Design qualifications, good communications skills, and ability to work with the respective software that is being used for the website and other media forms.

Living Situations

1. Able to maintain good spiritual health, even in the face of practical and spiritual challenges.
2. Willing to work together on a diverse virtual-team of people from different cultures with some accountability, but also self-reliance.
3. Travel required to visit teams in the field in SE Asia.
4. Travel to annual field conference in SE Asia required.


IndonesiaIf God has given you a heart for the peoples of East Asia, you can be part of God's purposes for them in different practical ways, even in your home country.
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