Professional work in Vietnam

Opportunity Image: Professional work in Vietnam

Use your professional role to serve God and contribute to church movement in VN.

Professionals, Buddhists, Personal Discipleship, Urban
1 to 3 years, More than 3 years

Job Description

Our vision is to see Vietnam transformed through indigenous, biblical movements of reproducing communities of believers in every segment of society, obeying Jesus and His Great Commission.

Are you willing to come to Vietnam and use the many opportunities that exist through your professional role to serve God, be part of our team and realize this vision?

Because of the sensitivities of working in a creative access country, workers usually need a recognised professional role, and in a country which is developing rapidly there are many opportunities to work in high school and university teaching, business, IT, medicine and much more.


In an environment where many have open hearts and are ready to hear the truth of the gospel you will find opportunities to share with colleagues and students. We are committed to make disciples who are obedient to Jesus; so through these relationships you will walk alongside people as they either integrate into existing churches or, through their own networks, form new communities of believers. We focus on group discipleship approaches and seek to equip people to disciple others.

Since we encourage team members to take on part time roles whenever possible there are also other opportunities to contribute to other aspects of the team’s strategic ministry such as training lay leaders and developing resources for the local church, for example in oral Bible storying.

You will be based in an urban setting and be part of a small local team for mutual encouragement, fellowship, prayer and worship. As we are committed to the growth of the local church, you will commit to being part of a local Vietnamese fellowship. You should be aware that gospel work in Vietnam requires wisdom and discretion; we follow certain security precautions (especially in communication) and seek to work with sensitivity to the local situation, whilst remaining bold with the gospel. Living standards in Vietnam are lower than in most sending countries, and you will need flexibility to face the challenges of living in a cross-cultural setting. Long term workers will initially be in a two year program of Vietnamese language and culture integration and towards the end of this time they will seek work appropriate to their profession.


You should have the necessary professional qualifications and CV to work in your profession eg postgraduate qualifications are required for university level teaching. However, there are various other opportunities that do not require such an advanced degree. You should have developed a biblical understanding of integrating your profession with ministry.

You should have experience in personal evangelism and discipleship. You should be willing to share every aspect of your life and become involved with the local people, be a living example of Christ, and share the message of the gospel as appropriate. You should be convinced of the Lord's calling to Vietnam and have heart to see The Church in Vietnam grow. You will need a committed group of prayer partners and the support of a sending fellowship.

Living Situations


VietnamVietnam's peoples represent one of our most neglected major frontiers.More opportunities


ProfessionalsBe a gospel witness to those in regular, secular jobs, challenging and equipping them to follow Christ in the workplace.More opportunities


BuddhistsBe salt and light to those who have either Buddhist worldviews, or are devoted followers of Buddhism. Most of them are in East Asia.More opportunities

Personal Discipleship

Personal DiscipleshipCome alongside new believers as they grow deeper in their understanding of God and His word.More opportunities


UrbanMinistry in the urban setting includes more than reaching the upwardly mobile urbanites. It also needs to serve the neglected, marginalized urban poor.More opportunities