Reaching East Asia's Most Neglected Major Frontier

Opportunity Image: Reaching East Asia's Most Neglected Major Frontier

A city of more than 8 million with less than 0.1% who are Christian. A people group of 38 million with less than 0.05% Christian. Proportionately fewer missionaries focused on them than any other major group in East Asia.

Personal Evangelism, Buddhists, Church Planting, Teaching / Lecturing, Training, Young Adults and Students, Community Development, Children and Youth, Business and Mission, Urban
More than 3 years, 1 to 3 years

Job Description

At the moment, we have only 1 person for every 4 million of our unreached target people (much less than neighbouring countries e.g., Cambod1a: 1 per 185,000; Tha1land's Buddhists: 1 per 440,000). This is why we call it East Asia's most neglected major frontier.


Evangelism, discipleship, training. Being part of a small but committed and growing team.


A passion for the lost, flexibility to adapt and find a suitable platform. Experience in personal evangelism, discipleship and training. Able to cope with change and take initiative.

Living Situations


VietnamVietnam's peoples represent one of our most neglected major frontiers.More opportunities

Personal Evangelism

Personal EvangelismShare God’s ever-lasting love, grace and hope with those who have never heard.More opportunities


BuddhistsBe salt and light to those who have either Buddhist worldviews, or are devoted followers of Buddhism. Most of them are in East Asia.More opportunities

Church Planting

Church PlantingGo where no church exists. Plant and nurture seeds of the Gospel in unreached places so that indigenous churches may be established.
More opportunities

Teaching / Lecturing

Teaching / LecturingBe a Christian witness in secular institutions and impact the lives of students and co-workers through education.More opportunities


TrainingUse your skills in clear, compelling communication to equip others to serve their community and be more effective in their cross-cultural outreach.More opportunities

Young Adults and Students

Young Adults and StudentsBefriend young adults and tertiary students, journey with them as they make the transition into adulthood and nurture them into life-long disciples of Christ.More opportunities

Community Development

Community DevelopmentTestify to God’s love for the unreached through development and relief ministries that addresses the holistic needs of these materially poor communities.More opportunities

Children and Youth

Children and YouthServe in a Sunday School or youth group. Minister to children with special needs or teach Third Culture Kids. The opportunities to care and point the next generation to Christ are aplenty.More opportunities

Business and Mission

Business and MissionServe and reach communities for Christ through God-honoring businesses that are missionally effective and financially sustainable.More opportunities


UrbanMinistry in the urban setting includes more than reaching the upwardly mobile urbanites. It also needs to serve the neglected, marginalized urban poor.More opportunities