Youth Worker - Isaan (Northeast Thailand)

Opportunity Image: Youth Worker - Isaan (Northeast Thailand)

Buddhists, Church Planting, Children and Youth
More than 3 years

Job Description

The youth in Isaan is in need of good role models. Young boys grow up without fathers and young girls often turn to prostitution.

As the youth are often neglected in Isaan and other parts of society, church-planting units/teams are being established - using sports, music, English teaching and other fun activities to reach out to young people in this area. The vision of OMF in Isaan is to see Christ-honoring churches throughout this region. The discipleship of Christian youth is therefore vital for the future of the church.


Support the unit/team in outreach work to the youth
Working together with other youth workers in Isaan
Training other team members in youth ministry
New workers will be mentored and supported by the cluster/team leader ; will have the support of other unit/team members and regular meetings with their mentors.
In the first term new workers will live relatively close to other team members
assist in training others in OMF Isaan in youth work


We are looking for people:
Who are passionate about the youth
Who have a burden for those outside of Christ
With Experience in youth ministry
Formal Bible training resulting in one or more of the following:
- Certificate in Christian Ministry and Bible Training
- Bachelor or Master's degree in Bible or Theology
- Masters or higher in Divinity, or related field
For English as second language applicants, these levels of English assessment are required:
IELTS - 5.0
TOEFL - 500 (173 in TOEFL computer version)
TOEIC - 675
OPE - 3.0

Living Situations

Singles, couples, families
Commit to at least four years of service
Complete member application process including: application forms, interview, medical and psychological review
Raise full financial support
Attend Orientation Course in Singapore before coming to the field
1st year in full-time Thai language, culture and worldview study, located in Central Thailand
2nd year move to a ministry location, begin transition from full-time to half-time language study until the completion of full language and culture program
Ability to conform to a lifestyle that matches that of your ministry context. Some locations will present living challenges, for instance, a simple rural livings situation where there may be no running water and access to supplies and services is distant. Others can be located in an urban setting, with standard Thai housing where population density is high and lifestyle is busy, with people and activity all around. Lifestyle in Isaan can range from the most simple and challenging, to quite comfortable.


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Church Planting

Church PlantingGo where no church exists. Plant and nurture seeds of the Gospel in unreached places so that indigenous churches may be established.
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Children and Youth

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